Pet Grooming in West Wichita, KS

Keep Fido Looking Grrrreat With Our Pet Grooming Services inĀ Wichita, KS!

Companion Animal Hospital is happy to offer full-service pet grooming. A typical visit includes:

  • bathing
  • conditioning and blow drying
  • brushing and combing the coat
  • checking for infections and parasites
  • trimming longhaired pets, if needed
  • nail trimming
  • ear cleaning
  • hair-plucking the ear canals

Every breed of dog and cat is different, so the grooming for each pet is unique. We can recommend a grooming routine for your pet so you know exactly what to look for and how often. If you have any specific concerns, communicate those with our groomer prior to your pet’s appointment so that they can be addressed as needed.

Like most pet spas, we ask that your pet be current on their vaccinations and flea & tick-free prior to their appointment with us. If you have specific questions about our guidelines for visits, please contact us today. Our team is happy to tell you more!

pet grooming in wichita ks

New puppy or kitten in the family?

If you have a young puppy or kitten, acquaint him or her with grooming early to ensure an easy process from the start! The sooner they become familiar with the sounds of the equipment and the feeling of being groomed, the smoother each appointment will go. Your pet will quickly learn that there is nothing to be afraid of at their spa day, and may even look forward to feeling fresh & clean!

Contact us today to schedule your pet’s spa day!